The Top 9 Places To Meet A Billionaire

If you're happy living a life in average clothing while eating cheap take-out for dinner on a Friday night - then that's all good and well. But for some, they believe that they were born to fulfill a role. One that involves expensive clothing, luxury holidays, pampering, gifts, beautiful cars etc. A girl can only dream, right? Wrong. These 10 places will increase the likelihood of you meeting Mr. Right - with a ten-figure bank account, ten fold so that you can forget thinking about your dream - you can live it.

Meet Billionaire

1. World Economic Forum

Every January, billionaires from around the world attend the World Economic Forum in order to talk everything business, politics, and economics. The event lasts for one week and has seen the likes of Bill Gates and Marc Benioff - the perfect opportunity to give billionaire dating a go.

2. Yachts Miami Beach

In February, yacht owners show off some of the most beautiful and elaborate yachts that they own in Miami. Feel like bagging a man with a yacht? Yachts Miami is your best bet.

3. Golf Clubs

While golf isn't exclusive to rich older men, the likelihood of finding one at a golf club is very high - especially in the members-only lounge for drinks after a game.

4. Auctions

People who have money and expensive things love going to auctions. They've got a finer taste in life, live for an antique that is worth thousands, if not millions, and have the money for it!

5. Charity Events

The men who attend these events not only love to give their money away but also believe in causes and helping others. Perhaps you could be his next funding project?

6. Dubai World Cup

In March, the elite meet at the Dubai World Cup wearing fancy and expensive outfits while sipping on cocktails and winning prizes of up to $30 million. Borrow an extremely expensive dress for the day and get yourself a sugar daddy.

7. St. Barts For New Years

It's an unspoken rule that the super rich like to hang out in St. Barts over the holidays - particularly for New Years Eve. If you've already made plans with the girls for NYE, cancel them! It's time to purchase your flight ticket pronto.

8. Sugar Daddy Sites

Don't have the funds or ability to attend one of the above events? No problem! You can find a millionaire from the luxury of your Ikea furniture. There are plenty of sugar daddy sites where insanely rich men are looking for women just like you to spoil and take care of.

9. Fashion Week

Not only are the models very attractive but also, with them, come their agents, designers, and A-list celebrities. At the very least, you can hook up with a hot male model fresh off the runway.

And voila, a foolproof guide to finding yourself a billionaire has been revealed. We wish you the very best of luck while finding the man of your dreams with more money than he knows what to do with.